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If you  currently use GetResponse as your email service provider (& you should be), then there is a better then average change you are NOT taking advantage of all the profit potential GetResponse offers

Introducing… Email Marketing Made Easy Autoresponder -Get response 2016 edition

I had an GetResponse problem & couldn’t find the answer…

One of the most important tools for a long term profitable business in this day & age is an email autoresponder service like GetRespons.

While the internet is chock full of free information on how to use this email service provider or that email service provider, They were lacking the organization, detail & style of teaching that enables you to best learn from and most importantly, take action with.

Most of the training i found was out of date!

My series of Email Marketing Made Easy Autroresponders -  GetResponse 2016 editon , is fresh off the press and details all the recent change like segmenting your subscribers, Plus these videos lay it out for you in easy to follow " over the shoulder" style training.


I found the solution to my problem and whole lot more!

I discovered the solution to my problem by trial & error and in the process, I recorded 24 other videos on how to maximize the power of your GetResponse account in ways many long time users may not even know exist.

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24 videos that walk you through the GetResponse features & how to use them And the best of all You Won’t Hear Any ‘UM-BUTS’ Or ‘BUT-UMS’ In These Videos

  • Video1: An Introduction To GetResponse

    In the first video in this series you will see many of the awesome tools & features as well as the pricing structure

  • Video2: Signup

    As the title hints at, this video is a walk through of the signup process. You will see me signup for a brand new GetResponse account that I use, along with my ‘demo’ car care business & website, in all the videos in this series.

  • Video 3: Multimedia Studio

    Tips you will not see elsewhere on how to benefit from the Bonus GetResponse Multimedia Studio. Add images, videos & even audio files to your messages using the FREE media hosting that GetResponse provides.

  • Video 4: Campaign Setup

    Never again worry if you are properly setting up your GR campaigns. I spend almost 8 minutes detailing this 2 minute process just so every base is covered for you. I cover the ‘How’ & the ‘What’ but most importantly the ‘WHY

  • Video 5: Custom Confirmation

    If you choose to use the double opt-in feature then you need to watch this video! I show you how to choose the best confirmation template for your sequence and how to personalize it.

  • Video 6: Create Web Form

    You will discover the basics of creating a converting web form as well as the ‘Best Practices’ for even higher conversion rates with your web forms. Plus you will watch as I add the code to my web site & why I did it this way.

  • Video 7: Customizing Web Forms

    I show you how to instantly edit your web forms on every site they are on with the click of one button. No More hum-drum web forms from you! Add free images & fully customize your web forms after watching me to mine.

  • Video 8: Custom Fields

    The power of GR’s Custom Fields are now at your fingertips. Video 08 details how to create these marketing marvels as well as why you need them.

  • Video 9: Create Horizontal Web Forms

    All the cool kids are doing it! Now you will too. Without the cost of additional plugins or software, I show you how to create the side-by-side email + submit button web form. I am also including the copy & paste code that I use in the video.

  • Video 10: Create Thank You Pages

    Video 10 can easily sell as a stand-alone product! In the video I show you the best practices when creating several types of thank you pages PLUS I am including 5 html templates that I used in the video for you to use.

  • Video 11: Adding Subscribers

    Believe it or not, there are some subscribers you DO NOT want on your lists. I detail the 3 ways to add the right subscribers to your campaigns.

  • Video 12: Automation Rules

    In video 12 I talk about what a sales funnel is and how Automation Rules will save you a ton of time and help keep your list properly organized.

  • Video 13: Message Editor

    The Message Editor in GetResponse has many options but after you watch video 13 you will use it like a Master. Videos 14 & 15 will help you master the message editor at a whole new level.

  • Video 14: Create Snippets

    In this video you will discover what a GetResponse snippet is and how to take advantage of this super time saver.

  • Video 15: Adding PayPal Buttons

    The more PayPal buttons you have on the interweb, the greater the chances are that someone will click on one and send you money! There are 2 ways to add PayPal buttons to your GR messages – the hard way & the easy way I show you in this video.

  • Video 16: Email Templates

    Video 16 details another super time saver by creating message templates that you can repurpose and reuse over & over. In the spirit of saving you even more time – I’m including more copy & paste files for you to use on your templates.

  • Video 17: Time Based Autoresponders

    The next several videos cover the ‘Meat & Potatoes’ of GetResponse, the autoresponders. Video 17 covers the Time Based autoresponder & how to set yours up properly

  • Video 18: Action Based Autoresponders

    GetResponse’s Action Based autoresponders are quite possibly the most under-used Power Feature offered by GR. I walk you through setting up your action based autoresponder as well as a few prime examples of when you should. Another ‘How & Why’

  • Video 19: Date Based Autoresponders

    Like in video 18, the Date Based autoresponder is another under-used Power Feature from GR. In this video I show you exactly how to create your Date Based autoresponders and most importantly WHAT NOT TO DO.

  • Video 20: Newsletters

    This video covers a brief explanation of what a Newsletter is but a more detailed demonstration of how to craft one properly and put it to use.

  • Video 21: Message Manager

    Like many managers, the GR Message Manager can perform many duties. This video will detail each of them so you can easily Master The Message Manager.

  • Video 22: Segmentation

    Video 22 was created to remove any guess work on the power of segmenting your subscribers and of course How To Segment your subscribers. Yes, video 22 covers the recent changes to segmenting your subscribers so you are in good hands!

  • Video 23: Surveys

    Another power feature from GetResponse. Creating engaging surveys within GetResponse is easy when you know how. In this video I show you how to create one and read the generated statistics. Plus the pros and cons to using the GR survey feature.

  • Video 24: Split Testing

    In this video you will discover the importance of Split-Testing, the importance of what to Split-Test and of course How To Split-Test your messages

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Email Marketing Made Easy Gold Membership discount


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